Member Benefits


The Wyoming Business Coalition on Health (WyBCH) promotes education and awareness of healthcare issues specifically for members. Our educational efforts are aimed at helping employers find ways to improve the health of their workforce and reduce medical costs.

On our own, and in cooperation with the National Business Coalition on Health, we sponsor frequent seminars, webinars and phone conferences covering a myriad of subjects related to helping you and your employees get the most for your healthcare dollars.

If you have a topic of interest we can connect you to the leading experts in the field. If you don’t know where to start, we can guide you.


With an emphasis on the exchange of best practices and employer experiences, WyBCH provides valuable networking opportunities to our members.

We connect you with other employers in your town, around the state and across the country to help you find programs that will work for you and your employees.

Member meetings provide opportunities for the exchange of best practices and innovative ideas with your peers.

Ready-to-Execute Programs:

Supporting members’ efforts to control healthcare costs, WyBCH is constantly researching healthcare related programs that are flexible, actionable and ready for member company implementation within each company’s individualized plan.

Thought Leadership:

The Wyoming Business Coalition on Health is the only organization in the state pushing an agenda of fundamental, systemic change in our local healthcare delivery system. As employers we cannot keep doing what we have been. If we want different results, we have to work together to analyze what changes we want and the best methods to achieve them. To move the market employers need to speak with one, unified voice.

The Wyoming Business Coalition on Health is that voice.

Join today to help shape our future.