About Us

The Wyoming Business Coalition on Health (WyBCH) is an employer-driven 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educating and engaging the business community throughout the region on issues relating to healthcare quality and cost.

We believe that employers, as the ultimate payers of healthcare costs, have both the means and the motivation to address inappropriate incentives inherent in fee-for-service healthcare. The main objective of our organization is to raise the visibility, viability and sophistication of the conversations between employers, providers and policy makers to achieve transparency in the costs and quality of service, and to advocate for payment reform.

With just over a half-million people Wyoming spends over $4.5 billion on healthcare each year. On the Federal Exchange our premiums are the highest in the country. Those employers philosophically committed to providing healthcare benefits continue to do so while feeling more than a bit victimized by an industry that has been extraordinarily unaccountable and exceedingly unresponsive.

Wyoming’s high healthcare costs hamper economic development. Worse, despite our high costs, our people are no healthier, which begs the question: What are we getting for our healthcare dollars? Business leaders who need a healthy productive workforce are perfectly positioned to investigate and expose the complex and thorny issues regarding healthcare costs and quality. No single employer has enough market power to do what needs to be done but working together we can have a positive impact.

Members of the Wyoming Business Coalition on Health understand that a well-educated and intensely focused group of business leaders has the ability to change the conversation, to begin repairing our broken system.

Using both negotiation and collaboration with the delivery system, Wyoming employers can start to pay for appropriate outcomes rather than ineffective services. We can:

  • Reward those who provide high quality bundled services designed to treat entire episodes of illness in a coordinated fashion rather than pay for disjointed, individual units of service
  • Support those who work to improve care and stop paying for medical errors
  • Require transparent pricing based on verifiable cost accounting and stop accepting “Usual and Customary” or “discount off of charge-master” as a basis for payment.
  • Enhance compensation to primary care providers for helping us avoid costly specialty care.
  • Stem the growing numbers of business and personal bankruptcies due to unsupported medical expenses.
  • Emphasize wellness and prevention in concert with public health initiatives.
  • Help all Wyoming citizens be better consumers of healthcare services.
  • Improve the health of all Wyoming citizens.