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Wyoming Business Coalition on Health - Project SPUR

Project SPUR

Project Spur

Project SPUR – encouraging you to get where you want to go

Using face-to-face personal coaching of those with chronic disease, employers across the country have been able to dramatically reduce their emergency room visits and inpatient hospitalizations – lowering their costs and improving the health of their workforce. Sick days have been cut in half and workers compensation claims have also been reduced. If implemented broadly, this program has the potential to help stem the growing ranks of under and uninsured.

The Wyoming Business Coalition on Health (WyBCH), in cooperation with American Health Care (AHC), is bringing this uniquely successful program to our membership. We invite WyBCH members to participate in this national “value-based benefit design” program proven to improve the health and reduce the long-term healthcare costs of employees and family members with chronic disease.

Overview of Project SPUR

Project SPUR is a chronic disease management program that utilizes specially trained personal health coaches (pharmacists, diabetic educators, asthma educators, nurses, etc.) to conduct face-to-face meetings with health plan beneficiaries (employees and family members) to help educate, motivate and empower them to better manage their condition.

  • Replication of a highly successful program, the Asheville model 
  • Employers provide financial incentives to employees for participation
  • Employees voluntarily participate in regular visits with specially trained, local coaches
  • Coaches are paid to conduct regular screenings, provide assistance with diet, exercise, drug regimens, stress management and other life-style issues as well as coordinate care with physicians
  • See how the program works in Chicago

Benefits of Participation

  • Results indicate decreased healthcare costs and improved productivity of chronically ill employees - (Click here to see peer-reviewed journal articles on the financial and clinical results of the program)
  • A tested, innovative health benefits solution, in line with value-based benefits
  • Improved delivery of care through an integrated care model that encourages collaboration among all healthcare stakeholders and empowers patients to better self-manage their chronic disease and improve their overall health
  • Support from the Wyoming Business Coalition on Health to link employees and their family members with trained personal health coaches
  • Participating employers receive clinical, economic and patient satisfaction reports 

Criteria for Participation:

To be accepted into Project SPUR program, an employer needs to:

  • Gain senior management agreement to be a participant in the program
  • Agree to work with the Wyoming Business Coalition on Health to make the program effective for you and your health plan beneficiaries
  • Instruct contracted vendors to cooperate fully with WyBCH and AHC
  • Assign a staff person to serve as liaison to the program; and
  • Be willing to speak about the program with local and national media

Project SPUR in 10 Minutes:

This 10 minute video was producted when Project SPUR - also known as The Asheville Project - won a national award in 2002. The information is a bit dated, but it still provides a good overview of the program from the perspective of participants, family members, health coaches, community physicians and corporate leaders.

While watching, please keep in mind that some of the information in the video is outdated.

Project SPUR In the News: