Former Intel CEO: Private Sector Can Do Much to Reform Health Care

01.27.2010 - National Healthcare Reform

The private sector should lead the effort to reform health care in the United States, Intel's former CEO told Wyoming business leaders Monday at a conference in Casper.

Craig Barrett advocated for change through small, incremental steps and warned against the federal government stymying private innovation.

"The changes will come from the people with purchasing power, the private sector, demanding that the system be changed, demanding that the system be improved," he said during an 50-minute speech at the annual conference for the Wyoming Business Coalition on Health. "If there is any sort of government policy that goes forward, it should be allowing the private sector to stay involved and allowing the private sector to sponsor innovation."

Barrett, who also served as Intel's chairman, said the overhaul bill being considered in Washington focuses on reforming insurance payments instead of making structural changes in the health care system. He believes the system can be reformed without an increase in the roughly $2.5 trillion already spent annual on health care in the United States.

"The system is way too expensive, and it's delivering poor results," he said.

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