Purchaser Guide to Value Based Benefit Design

Value Based Purchasing

This Guide is the second in a series of Purchaser Guides being
developed by the National Business Coalition on Health
to explain major new employer health care benefit purchasing strategies. This Guide was developed in response to the growing interest in and adoption of Value-Based Benefit Design (VBBD) plans, which build enrollee incentives into the benefit design and premium contribution structure to encourage enrollees to use specific high value services or providers or to adopt healthy behaviors.

This Purchaser Guide provides;
1. an overview of what constitutes VBBD,
2. the business case for VBBD,
3. what a purchaser must consider in adopting a VBBD,
4. the implementation steps that must be taken,
5. what barriers exist to impede a successful implementation, and
6. how VBBD may be utilized in the future.

This Guide also provides supplemental resources, including links to websites of organizations that are active in the VBBD space, model RFI/RFP language and case studies of organizations that have implemented VBBD.

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